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Successful litigation demands ingenuity and tenacity. At JYJ Law, over 200 cases have been successfully mediated or won, using a combination of seasoned advocacy, strategic negotiations, and a steadfast determination to deliver optimal results for our clients.

We are well known and respected by our peers in Ontario, Canada, and internationally. Ontario lawyers specializing in other areas of law often refer to us for an opinion on a litigation matter. Similarly, foreign lawyers frequently engage our services on matters involving the laws of Ontario, Canada.

We invite you to explore our website, learn more about our practice and approach, and discover how our ingenuity, tenacity and integrity can help you achieve optimal results in your commercial, civil, employment, or estate litigation matter.

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Initial Assessment
Obtaining Result
Our Integrity
From start to finish, we employ a multi-faceted approach to resolving the issue, ensuring that all factors having a bearing
on a client's case, and not just legal factors, are explored.
Our initial assessment of our client’s case is in-depth and comprehensive, focusing not only on the facts and assertions as they are given to us, but on the contextual relevance of the information presented. In our search for solutions, we look for elements in relation to the factors giving rise to the dispute.
As we move our client’s case forward, our quest for solutions does not end because there are no remedies to be found within the pages of legal texts. At JYJ Law, we realize that negotiation and persuasion are powerful tools. Armed with this realization, JYJ law has been successful in obtaining optimal results for its clients.
At JYJ Law, integrity underpins all our dealings with clients and other lawyers. Clients are always provided with a candid and honest assessment of their case, their legal options, and their chances of being successful. Our integrity is also reflected in our communications with clients and opposing counsel. We treat our clients with a high degree of professionalism, respond promptly to their calls and keep them regularly updated on their cases. Similarly, we display a high degree of professionalism and civility in our dealings with opposing counsel.