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Ingenuity, tenacity, and integrity are the values that inform our approach to dealing with our clients and other lawyers.
Ingenuity has been defined as “the process of applying ideas to solve problems and meet challenges”. We employ ingenuity at each stage of our engagement with a client’s matter.
Our record of over 200 cases successfully settled or won in the past five years is a testament to our tenacity, even in the face of what may seem to be obstacles or roadblocks for our clients.
During our initial assessment of a client’s case and throughout the litigation process, our overall approach to a client’s case is always performed with forthrightness and impartiality.

When conducting an initial assessment of a client’s matter, we take a holistic approach. Instead of looking only at the facts and assertions, we look at surrounding circumstances and relationships that can influence the outcome and strategy of the other side. In addition, realizing that elements that are not readily discernible can be just as important to a case as information confronting us, we examine not only text but subtext, to ensure that we have all of the facts.

When devising a solution, we will proceed by way of negotiations before jumping into contentious litigation.

Litigation can be made even more costly and time consuming when a party brings a motion or several motions against an opposing party. Motions are the means by which a litigant can bring an issue before the court in order to obtain a decision on a particular issue in a case, prior to going to trial. Because of the extra costs and time involved, the bringing of a motion by one party often has the effect of making it difficult for the opposing party to continue.

At JYJ Law, when faced with an opposing party that brings a motion that on the face of it makes our client’s case more difficult, our tenacity and ingenuity enables us to turn an apparent obstacle into an advantage for our client.


Our integrity is also evident in our interactions with clients. Not only will we respond to clients’ inquiries quickly, we will also take the initiative to keep the client apprised of their case at regular intervals.

In our dealings with opposing counsel, we are always professional and courteous.